Wisdom of the Founder

Established back when I was 20 years old in the mid 70s, we have emerged as a trust worthy and reliable distributor of pharmaceuticals. Our market position continues to be marked by sustainable growth despite – and perhaps even due to – all the serious challenges we have faced and overcome throughout the years. Motivated by a broad market knowledge and collaborative relationships with our customers and partners, we at Saadeldin Drug Store remain one of the most respected family-owned businesses to date in the pharmaceuticals sector in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the GCC Countries in the near future.

Our success is blessed by Allah first and foremost in addition to our operating under full financial independence, ethical standards and honest principals, deep and broad market knowledge, and solid customer relations. As a result, we are a trusted and well-known name in the region that represents trust and quality pharmaceutical products.

Our proven track record of accomplishments demonstrate that our roots were positioned correctly for what the future and all the next generations to come may hold. Our plans have coincided with a base of a competitive, quality, free market environment. Our strategy is to establish rock solid partnerships and promote strong relationships with pharmaceutical importers, local Agents and principals. We have succeeded in doing this over a period which has spanned 40 years with some and at least 10 years with others, as we continue to progress positively with all our partners.

We have realized great strides in the market and are now focusing inwards, examining ourselves internally for new innovative ways to improve and grow.

At SaadEldin Drug Store, we have great pride in our tightly held values, our successful partnerships, and our accumulated years of experience, and we are totally committed to continue our legacy of business ethics and professionalism for the years to come.

The Saad El-Din Drug Store is planning to rent out several warehouses in the near future to fulfill the product requirements from markets and for the next phase of growth to capture a greater market share as the economy continues to grow. We have adopted a business strategy that capitalizes on the strengths of our position in the market. We are developing branching arrangements that will provide the local channels across Saudi as a point of sale opportunities the company needs to penetrate and achieve an even wider spread market dominance in the regions local markets.

Shiekh Osama Saad El-Din is the founder of Saad Medical Store. He served Northrop Tampon as Government Relations Manager from 1977 to 1979. From 1979 to 1982, he worked with M/s. Williams Brothers under the capacity of Public Relation Manager. From 1982 to 1997, he served Halliburton Company as an Executive Manager. In 1997 Saad El Din Medical Store took control of his establishment

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