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We have built a solid and well-respected reputation in market for close to 40 years in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia & G.C.C and at current our number of customer base is in hundreds of pharmacy’s and hospitals and also governmental institutes.

We are covering the kingdom of Saudi Arabia & G.C.C (Gulf Country Council).

Although we deal with 100’s of agencies, we have developed a very efficient management team and sales team to achieve our goals. To boost sales and attain our desired market share we have also implemented in house credit facilities to provide fast and effective sales services to satisfy our clients.

There are several companies that have emerged and are attempting to position themselves to capture a share of the market, most of them are small and formative in nature. To date no single company has achieved significant market penetration. There are few major suppliers in eastern province and Saad Eldin Pharma is oldiest & its covering about 60% of market share

Our Sales force are internally organized with three Divisions:

Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, Medical/ disposables

Each one representing a number of major players in their dedicated fields of specialty

Operational departments are divided into four divisions that work together to achieve the best results

Call center / customer care Representatives

Pharma Sales/ Marketing Representatives

Collection unit

Logistic unit

OUR Head quarts is based in the first industrial city of Dammam, the company has extensive offices and central warehousing facilities in Dammam KSA witch is the middle hub of the GCC countries

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