I'm proud to say that Saad El-Din pharmaceutical Store founded in 1977 and has since then become one of the largest pharmaceutical and chemical suppliers in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Our persistent reply is by delivering quality products, focusing on safety & efficiency and we do have market leadership for most of our brands
Saad El-Din pharmaceutical Store is keen to add value to you through providing innovative drugs that benefit the medical community & human health, Giving top priority to patients & healthcare professionals
As we know modern health care & pharmaceutical - is a complex system that combines scientific achievements and practice, the latest medical techniques and high-tech equipment, innovative engineering solutions and effective management
Since our founding, we have sharpened our high-level of skills to ensured that the firm developed a positive image & branding & marketing in the market and offered the best products, monitored different marketing procedures and ensured that we were profitable for the firm
As a key person the CEO has a proven track record in restorative unsuccessful projects & team members who is an expert in strategic planning and implementation, guiding and directing an enterprise through substantial change management utilizing strong and effective strategic leadership
Also have the ability to oversee all functions of the company concurrently, while assisting the board in carrying out important governing functions where he is well-versed in various fields including marketing, P.R, Sales & can assist in Funds Raising
He was also Operation & Regional Sales Manager for Emaar Real Estate Company, Director of sales & marketing for Sunset Beach Resort & Retreat , 5 Star Diamond Resort (Khobar), Acting Showroom Manager for Al-Majdoie Automotives (Al-Khobar)
Raising funds & Finding investors for publicly traded companies, Maintaining superior relations with publicly traded companies, Brokerage firms follow-up on a scheduled basis. (Telemarketing) for M. Johnson & Associates (USA)
Has a B.S degree in Business Management (Marketing) from King Abdul-Aziz University (Jeddah) Majored in Business Management (Ex -University) at University of Baltimore (USA)
He is a visionary, talented to communicate clearly and effectively with a good team sprite & flexibility, with all these experience, knowledge and expertise we are able to develop at great speed
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