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Saad El-Din Pharma 1970,s was founded by Shiekh Osama Saadeldin, one of the first pioneers who tapped into the pharmaceutical distribution business and the idea of A One Stop Shop or what’s called Hyper pharmacy  in modern terminology, our founder also brought and adapted many ideas from across the world to the regional healthcare retail market such as chain pharmacies, with the identical branding and imagery. A plethora of unique products were imported from abroad by the pharmacies, in addition to chemically mixing derma products and creams done by utilizing the best chemists available in the market back then, ending up with 6 branded pharmacies in hand “SAAD EL-DIN PHARMACY”

Our Distribution network covers Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories, Diagnostic Centers and retail Pharmacies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & Soon all over the GCC.

It has continued to exhibit steady growth rates through the services it offers, the products it sells and the companies it represents and we are planning to be publicly traded in the near future. With our proven record of accomplishments and success, we are strongly positioned today as a Large & Leading player in the pharmaceutical market.

Our remarkable approach to Management, Marketing, and Distributing pharmaceutical products earned it a mark of distinction, over the years. Our Customers not only recognize OUR Trade Name, they also know and appreciate the indelibly vigilant service furnished by its highly experienced workforce.

We have grown from a small-sized family based establishment to impressively ranking among the top 3 in its field in terms of turnover in the eastern providence.

Stratagy of OUR GROUP CEO

1. Pushing our limits to provide the best possible service in the industry.

2. Our mission is to become a leading regional healthcare & pharmaceutical supplier and distributer by aggressively growing our revenue base at no less than 20% per annum through vertical diversification and expansion of our healthcare and pharmaceutical product portfolio

3. Our vision focuses on the aim to help people improve their health and quality of life by delivering a wide range of affordable healthcare and pharmaceutical products, and by continuously searching for essential products to lead people to a healthier & happier lifestyle.

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